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Paul Bernard - Field Producer / DoP

Field Producer / Director of Photography on factual programmes and ‘behind the scenes’ promos such as, “The Making of Kingdom of Heaven”. I have extensive experience preparing shoots, supervising location crews, staging documentary reconstruction and coordinating post-production. Through my work in the film industry I have gained significant experience, sensitively working on film and television sets and locations and have extensive shooting and lighting skills. Made Honorary member of BAFTA in 1998.


THE CINDY JACKSON STORY – TRADING FACES – 50 minute documentary about Cindy Jackson who spent her inheritance redefining her face using extreme cosmetic surgery to become the girl of her dreams. Daisybeck Productions for FIVE – Co-Producer / Director

KINGDOM OF HOPE – 20th Century Fox – Providing behind the scenes material for the making of Ridley Scott’s epic, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, shooting in London, Morocco and Spain – Field Producer / DoP

IN SEARCH OF THE HOLY GRAIL – Roosfilm – Facilitating UK shoot for National Geographic programme – Field Producer

MIRACLE HUNTERS – Actuality Productions – Discovery – Providing programme content as part of an investigation in to the possibility that twins do communicate telepathically. Coordinating 2 crews during experiments with identical twins – Field Producer

THE SPIRIT OF DIANA - Associated TV Intl – Demand/Living – Associate Producer for London segments of this 2-hour television event examining the spiritual side of Princess Diana, including séances to contact her spirit! – Associate Producer

BEYOND CHANCE – Triage Entertainment – Lifestyle Channel – Shooting and directing UK segments on DigiBeta for the US based factual series, 'Beyond Chance' including documentary reconstruction sequences. – Director / Camera

HIDDEN WORLDS – Travel Channel – BskyB – Shooting and directing several segments of this travel series revealing vacation spots for the traveller with deep pockets. Shot with Sony DSR500 and produced by LA based Van Ness Films – Director / Camera

SPICEWORLD – Polygram Filmed Entertainment – Producing, directing and editing the promo video for the Spice Girls’ spectacular movie debut! – Producer / Director

THE MAKING OF GLADIATOR – HBO – ITV Transmission – Shooting on set ‘behind the scenes’ material about the making of Ridley Scott’s motion picture, ‘Gladiator’ on locations in Malta, Morocco and England. Conducting interviews with Ridley Scott and Richard Harris – Camera / Director

DRAGONHEART – Universal Pictures – HBO – Directing all behind the scenes material and interviews with director Rob Cohen and principals Julie Christie, Dennis Quaid and David Thewlis. Shooting additional material on Betacam SP – Director / Camera

THE MAKING OF ALIEN 3 – 20th Century Fox – HBO/ITV – Commissioned by 20th Century Fox to provide "behind the scenes" material for ALIEN 3 including interviews with Sigourney Weaver and Swiss artist H.R. Giger who designed the titular creature. The material was shot on 16mm and used for a television special about the making of the ALIEN movie trilogy – Director / Camera

HEARTS OF DARKNESS – Showtime / ITV – Interview conducted in Rome with Vittorio Storaro for the Oscar nominated feature length documentary about the making of "APOCALYPSE NOW". Shot on 16mm by Storaro’s operator – Director

Summary Experience

  • Coordinating pre/post production, liaising with agents and publicists for access to film & TV talent
  • Researching programme contributors and preparing interview questions, notably with cast and crew within the theatrical film industry.
  • Supervising location filming and conducting interviews, including documentary drama reconstruction.
  • Maintaining communication between Senior Producers, production personnel and programme contributors.
  • Shooting additional content on a variety of formats including film & HD (see additional information)
  • Ability to quickly develop a relationship with contributors to facilitate appropriate programme content.
  • Preparing material for off-line edit, marking up transcription scripts, producing paper edits, assembly edits and coordinating on-line edits and audio dubs.
  • Developing original programme ideas within the factual entertainment genre.


BA (Hons) Film, Photography & Animation – Farnham School of Art

Specialist Skills

Documentary Drama Reconstruction, Photography and Animation, Extensive Lighting Skills.
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